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accounting for architects

From bookkeeping and financial reports to budgets, QuickBooks™ support, and more, you can count on us for all your accounting needs. It provides features such as tracking expenses and income, tracking time, invoicing clients, and project management. It also offers tools to help architects create accurate estimates and streamline their accounting processes. Accounting software packages designed for architecture firms also offer a full range of financial management tools. Luckily, accounting software designed specifically for architects comes to the rescue.

accounting for architects

Project accounting gives them all the tools they need to stay on top of the finances. The Chart of Accounts (COA) lists the names and codes of each account and is used as a guide to keep those transactions organized. Accounts are then prepared into financial statements or reports that help tell your firm’s financial story. We understand that working out accounting details is time-consuming, especially for people like architects and project managers who have no accounting background. As a result, we have built Bonsai to automate all accounting tasks for you, so you can focus on designing.


Add to that the necessity to manage your books, invoices, receipts, and quotes – and there will be very little left of your capacity for creativity. However, the seven principles I’ve presented here are the most important ones for architects to be familiar with. These principles are the foundations of all accounting and will enable you to be a better architect.

One needs to employ the right version of the software so that your firm needs and the right package meets your requirements. ZarMoney offers comprehensive reporting features, delivering actionable insights on various aspects of your business. From income and expense reports to cash flow statements and balance sheets, these reports help you understand your financial standing and make informed business decisions. Wave is an online accounting platform that has been conceptualized and designed specifically for small businesses, freelancers, and consultants. Waves allow expense tracking, payment tracking, billing, and credit card processing, generating the most popular reports like tax reports, balance sheets, cash flow statements and so on. All businesses small or medium size is required to keep accurate records for both taxation and VAT purposes.


The purpose of the balance sheet is to show what the company owns and owes. Assets include cash, inventory, and other long-term assets such as buildings and equipment. Larger prepaid rent accounting companies use the accrual method because it helps them determine their overall financial health. However, accrual-based systems can be too complex for smaller companies.

accounting for architects

Hiring a bookkeeper will allow your firm to gain a clearer financial picture. Having a clear financial plan is essential for setting goals for greater profits and growth. Outsourcing architectural accounting frees up valuable time & gives invaluable insights.

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Even when net profit is known, it’s often unclear how to navigate the business to greater profits and growth. ZarMoney provides an intuitive invoicing feature, enabling you to design customized invoices that reflect your firm’s branding. In addition, this software automates the billing process, sends payment reminders, and tracks late payments, allowing you to focus on your architectural projects without worrying about billing issues. One of the standout features of Xero is its invoicing tool, which allows businesses to create professional-looking invoices that are fully customizable with their branding. The tool also enables businesses to set payment terms and automate payment reminders, reducing the risk of missed payments and improving cash flow. Bluebeam Revu is a cloud accounting software that lets design companies and architects see the full picture of their business’s project management efficiently and effectively.

Now I could fill this post with other important aspects of bookkeeping, but for the sake of time (and sanity) I’ll leave this section with the point. Keep your accounts/books clean, accurate, and current to obtain financial clarity. The Income Statement displays your revenues, costs, expenses, and profit for a specific period of time.

What Is Architectural Accounting?

The end purpose of any accounting solution designed specifically for architects is to assist in the maintenance of perfect records for the organization. The software improves productivity and profitability by seamlessly monitoring and delegating tasks. In addition, data input and real-time changes are made easier with business and artificial intelligence adoption.

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Architects and engineers play an integral role in the success of the built environment and in infrastructure. It’s rare to meet an architecture firm accountant who isn’t heavily invested in QuickBooks. There is still plenty of space at the table for QuickBooks once you upgrade to a new bookkeeping platform for architecture firms!

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And in some cases their responsibility ends when the client approves the design and the work is handed over to a project manager. In these cases, the work flow and finance is very straight forward and similar to many other professional services. You have the power to inspire even the most cynical of critics through your amazing structures! From pre-design to construction administration, your tasks and responsibilities are great. And as an entrepreneur, you add extra layers from marketing to financial management. Many would assume the major benefit to clean, accurate and current financial statements is relief while filing taxes and enduring audits.

  • The software that helps to improve client relations, such as customer relationship management systems is very important.
  • Costs, staff, outsourcing, or contractors are all needed to get their payment on time following the timesheets.
  • EntreArchitect is the global community for small firm entrepreneur architects.
  • With project accounting, each job is treated as though it is a separate business, with its own set of accounts.
  • It’s rare to meet an architecture firm accountant who isn’t heavily invested in QuickBooks.

Is architecture a BA or BA?

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Architectural Studies is a four-year, undergraduate degree program in which students explore the many factors that shape our built environment.